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From:Alejandro Heyworth Date:June 29 2004 2:17pm
Subject:Re: Memory to Memory INSERTS
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Very Interesting idea.  I definitely want to look into this a bit more.

I fear though that the bin-logs might be written first to disk before they 
are copied over to the replicas.

Another member of my team mentioned there might be a way to issue direct 
MyISAM table INSERTS.  She suggested that we could bypass the parsing and 
param checking of our large string-based INSERT queries.

Since our sampling application can guarantee the inputs on the INSERT, this 
would offer us a potential performance boost as there is no reason for 
MySQL to verify our INSERT query inputs a second time.

Does anyone know if the direct table/index insert idea is valid?

At 09:43 AM 6/29/04, you wrote:
>Could Alejandro re-use the sections of the MySQL source code that handle
>replication and bin-logging to make his data capture application appear as
>a "Master" server and have his MySQL database act as its slave?

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