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From:Michael Stassen Date:June 27 2004 3:34pm
Subject:Re: DELETE doesn't delete?
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Have you verified that the SQL statement sent by PHP is what you expect?  If 
not, I would suggest you load the query into a string, then print the string 
as part of your output in addition to passing it to mysql_query().  In my 
own coding, I have several times spotted errors this way in the printed 
query that I couldn't see in the code.  Something like:

   $query = "DELETE FROM sessions WHERE sessionID=$sessionID";
   echo "$query\n";
   $result = mysql_query($query);

If it looks right, copy the query and paste it into the mysql client.  At 
the least, you will determine whether it is the query or something PHP does 
with the query that is at fault.

If the query turns out to be correct, we'll have to look elsewhere.  In that 
case, you should include your platform/OS and versions of mysql and PHP in 
your next post.  Also, tell us whether sessions is a MyISAM or InnoDB table.

One more thought:  Is there any possibility that your script is creating the 
record on one server but updating/deleting it on another?  Perhaps 
production and development copies of mysql?


Margaret MacDonald wrote:

> It's possible that this is more a php question than a mysql question,
> but since the two are so nearly joined at the hip, I'm hoping someone
> can advise anyhow.
> I'm developing a php job that uses a table 'sessions' to maintain a
> logical session across pages and physical sessions.  It's a simple
> table, with only 3 fields:  the session id, a timestamp recording the
> last write, and a text field for the data.  
> To purge the session record, the user needs to explicitly log out.
> When they click the logout button, it calls a logout routine that
> calls mysql_query ( DELETE FROM sessions WHERE sessionID= the session
> identifier.  ) .
> But, when I test that, the DELETE doesn't actually work the way I
> would expect it to do.  Inspecting the table with the mysql
> command-line console, I can still see the record itself with the
> session id and the timestamp seemingly unchanged, though the data
> field appears to be zeroed out. 
> Php seems to think the record's been deleted, though, because an
> attempted read returns an empty data set. 
> If I use the same DELETE FROM ... syntax from the command-line
> console, however, the whole record goes away immediately as I would
> expect.
> Does anyone understand  what's going on here?
> Thanks!
> Margaret  

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