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From:Michael Stassen Date:June 26 2004 3:37pm
Subject:Re: basic information on setting up a mysql db for remote access...
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You should start with section 5.4, "The MySQL Access Privilege System," in 
the manual <>.  It 
details limiting access as you describe.


bruce wrote:

> hi...
> i'm trying to get a better understanding of how i can create/use mysql for
> an app i'm working on. i have a number of servers running perl apps... i
> want to be able to create a database on a client (database) box, and have
> the other apps communicate with this database server/mysql box.
> i'm trying to get an understanding as to what steps are required to setup
> mysql for remote access. also what has to be done regarding security for the
> mysql on the server, to allow the other client apps on the remote machines
> to communicate with the mysql database.
> i'm also trying to get a feel for what has to occur in the client app to
> communicate with the mysql app. i'm assuming that if mysql is setup
> properly, then i should be able to simply "point" my client app to it via
> user/passwd/ip/port and it should establish a connection...
> is there a way to have the mysql database that i'm creating for my test app
> to only "allow" certain machines/ip addresses to have certain functions. can
> i also restrict the types of functions for the database, based on userID...
> i've seen a few articles, but nothing that's really gotten down to the
> here's how you do it process...
> i'm trying to get to the step 1, step 2, step 3, etc....
> i already realize that if i screw this up..i might get locked out of the
> database...!!!
> thanks for any pointers/comments/criticisms/etc...
> -bruce

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