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From:Michael Stassen Date:June 26 2004 3:24pm
Subject:Re: error 27
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What FAQ are you talking about?

The manual <> seems quite 
clear that there is no such limitation in MySQL, regardless of column type. 
  The default max size of a MyISAM table is 4 Gb, but this can be increased 
either in the original CREATE TABLE statement or with a subsequent ALTER 
TABLE statement using the AVG_ROW_LENGTH and MAX_ROWS table options, up to 
MySQL's maximum table size of 8 million terabytes.  If you are hitting a 
limit at 2Gb, it is almost certainly a limitation of your OS/filesystem.  If 
you are already hitting an OS/filesystem limit of 2 Gb, you won't be able to 
change a VARCHAR(10) to CHAR(10), as that would require making the table bigger.


Donny Simonton wrote:

> Yep, modify the uid from a varchar to a char.  It will make your table
> bigger, because char uses all 10 characters.  But it will allow you to get
> past the 2 gig limit.  It will take a while for the table to be modified
> though.  But it's definitely worth the wait.
> Also personally I would change the ip from a bigint to an int, if that is
> really an IP address like it seems.
> Just my opinion.  No matter what I would make a backup of your data before
> making any changes.
> Donny
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>>Subject: RE: error 27
>>I don't really understand the difference (I need to read up a bit more).
>>My (default mysql) table internet_usage has the following columns:
>>uid varchar (10)
>>ip   bigint
>>time datetime
>>urlid int
>>size int
>>Is there something I can do to this to fix it so that it can grow larger
>>than 2 GB? The 'uid' is a mix of chars and ints, e.g u752352.
>>>Yes, if you are using a dynamic table which means it has varchar's, text,
>>>or blobs the limit is 2 gigs.  If you are using a fixed table which uses
>>>chars only, then there is no limit that I have seen.
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>>>>Subject: RE: error 27
>>>>Could this problem be due to the size of my tables? Is there a limit
>>>>big the table can be?
>>>>I'm using mysql-standard-4.0.20.
>>>>-rw-rw----   1 mysql    mysql    2147483647 Jun 25 01:49
>>>>-rw-rw----   1 mysql    mysql    622724096 Jun 25 01:49
>>>>>I got an error 27.
>>>>>DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Got error 27 from table handler at
>>>>>/home/u752359/ line 144, <PS_F> line 3079464.
>>>>>The FAQs say:
>>>>>Check whether you have hit 2 Gb limit.
>>>>>If that is not the case, shutdown MySQL server and repair a table
>>>>>with (my)isamchk.
>>>>>How do I check if I have a 2GB limit? I logged on to mysql and ran a
>>>>select from the table successfully. Do I still need to run myisamchk ?

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