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From:bruce Date:June 26 2004 1:27pm
Subject:basic information on setting up a mysql db for remote access...
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i'm trying to get a better understanding of how i can create/use mysql for
an app i'm working on. i have a number of servers running perl apps... i
want to be able to create a database on a client (database) box, and have
the other apps communicate with this database server/mysql box.

i'm trying to get an understanding as to what steps are required to setup
mysql for remote access. also what has to be done regarding security for the
mysql on the server, to allow the other client apps on the remote machines
to communicate with the mysql database.

i'm also trying to get a feel for what has to occur in the client app to
communicate with the mysql app. i'm assuming that if mysql is setup
properly, then i should be able to simply "point" my client app to it via
user/passwd/ip/port and it should establish a connection...

is there a way to have the mysql database that i'm creating for my test app
to only "allow" certain machines/ip addresses to have certain functions. can
i also restrict the types of functions for the database, based on userID...

i've seen a few articles, but nothing that's really gotten down to the
here's how you do it process...

i'm trying to get to the step 1, step 2, step 3, etc....

i already realize that if i screw this up..i might get locked out of the

thanks for any pointers/comments/criticisms/etc...


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