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From:Eric Bergen Date:June 24 2004 10:40pm
Subject:Re: File locking & mysql 4
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MySQL itself doesn't require file locking. Infact there is an option
to turn it off. --skip-external-locking that disables using the
flock() system call. Just watch out
that you don't accidently start two mysqlds on the same datadir. 


On 24 Jun 2004 13:42:33 -0700, Shelly Zhang
<mysql-zrxve@stripped> wrote:
> Does mysql 4 require file locking?  I'm not talking about in the
> database -- I know how to lock and unlock tables for data consistency.
> I'm referring to the filesystem that the data lives on.
> For reasons too boring to go in to, I have a mysql server and I'm keeping
> the database files (i.e., the var directory) on a filesystem that doesn't
> support file locking.  Is this going to pose a problem?
> If this is being sent to the wrong mailing list, please point me to the
> right one.
> Any help will be appreciated!
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> Shelly Zhang
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