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From:Steve Edberg Date:October 25 1999 2:01pm
Subject:Re: shut down mysql server
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At 04:22 AM 10/25/1999 , Bob Kline wrote:
>On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, ycc wrote:
> > I've installed mysql windows version on win98. I always forget to
> > shut down mysql server before shutting down win98. It seems no
> > problem. Is there anyone can give some advice on it. Thank You.
>Tie a string around your finger?
>Tape a note to the machine?
>Don't shut down the system?
>Bob Kline

I think you can create shutdown functions similar to startup functions. 
Somewhere in the 'Start' menu, there's a 'StartUp' folder where you can put 
programs or shortcuts to be executed on Win startup. I think you can also 
create a 'ShutDown' folder as well; perhaps it's created by default? Just 
put a batch file there that executes the command 'mysqladmin shutdown' (or 
whatever the exact syntax is).

That's my best guess.


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