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From:Darryl Rodden Date:June 16 2004 4:13pm
Subject:Intel compiled 4.1.2
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I have a 4.1.2 database installed and running on a REL 3 server.  I installed the Intel 
compiled 4.1.2 to see how much of a performance increase I would get, but I am having
trouble with it.  The scripts/mysql_install_db is giving me the following error.

    Neither host '' and 'localhost' could not be looked up
    Please configure the 'hostname' command to return a correct hostname.
    If you want to solve this at a later stage, restart this script with
    the --force option

Both '' and 'localhost'  are defined in the /etc/hosts
If I run "bin/resolveip localhost" in the gcc compiled distribution directory 
(/usr/local/mysql-standard-4.1.2-alpha-pc-linux-i686), it works fine.  Running that same 
command in the Intel compiled distribution directory 
(/usr/local/mysql-standard-4.1.2-alpha-pc-linux-i686-icc) fails!

I installed the Intel version from a binary distribution, just like I did the original
using these steps (I did not have to create the mysql user or group because they 
already exist):

    sudo su
    cd /usr/local
    tar zxf mysql-standard-4.1.2-alpha-pc-linux-i686-icc.tar.gz
    rm mysql
    ln -s mysql-standard-4.1.2-alpha-pc-linux-i686-icc mysql
    cd mysql

Any ideas?


Intel compiled 4.1.2Darryl Rodden16 Jun
RE: Intel compiled 4.1.2Darryl Rodden16 Jun
RE: Intel compiled 4.1.2Darryl Rodden16 Jun