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From:Vinay Date:June 16 2004 5:16am
Subject:Re: Dump table
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Thanks Brian
but i'm on Red Hat enterprise server so i wouldn't be able to use the
Features  of  FreeBSD and restarting the server is not a solution for me 
as i need to be able to perform hot backup.
One of my solutions was to bump the database in a text file. this wroks 
fine for small tables but with lager one this takes too
much time and somtimes freezers the server.


Brian Reichert wrote:

>On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 10:14:54AM +0400, Vinay wrote:
>>I just like to know what is the best way to dump the databases to flat 
>>files as some of the tables on my system are up to 1.4G and the whole 
>>database size is over 2.5G . I trying to set up a cron job that will 
>>back up the table everyday and my main consern is the size of the tables 
>>and the time it may take to back up all the data and the fact that even 
>>during the back up theire will be other people using the database.
>I've seen people play horrible tricks with NetApps (an other heavy
>journaling filesystems), wherein you could get a snapshot of the
>whole FS very quickly.
>The order of events is then
>- shut down DB
>- snapshot the FS
>- start the DB
>- back up the now-static snapshot any way you see fit, such as
>  spinning up a second instance of MySQL to use that snapshot, for a
>  mysqldump.
>The FreeBSD 5.x series seems to offer filesystem snapshots (for
>example), but I've not explored them yet..

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