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From:Tim Johnson Date:June 15 2004 7:14pm
Subject:Concatenating tables
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Hello mysql gurus:

We are importing data from 3 CSV files. 
Documentation regarding the originating
database is for the most part, not available
to us.

Translating directly from CSV to .sql files, we
can see that the three files are really the
first, second and third parts of one huge table
and could be merged into one. This would simplify 
queries for us.

We realize that eventually, normalization should
be applied, but for the interim, can we expect
a performance penalty if we "concatenate" the
the 3 tables into 1.

Taken as a sum, we should have about 330 columns
and 5000+ rows.

Comments would be appreciated.
Pointers to documentation on this subject
are also quite welcome.

Thanks in Advance

Tim Johnson <tim@stripped>
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