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From:Carsten R. Dreesbach Date:June 10 2004 11:35am
Subject:Re: Last Modified
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If  all  you're  looking to do is check the last time the entire table
was  updated,  why  don't you just look at the last time the .frm file
(if using MyISAM tables, of course) was modified?

Thursday, June 10, 2004, 7:19:32 AM, you wrote:

PM> If your table contains a timestamp field, it will update each time the row
PM> is altered.  Otherwise I don't think it's possible.

PM> You Wrote ---------
PM> Hello I am using PHP, MySQL. How would I query MySQL to display the last
PM> time a table was last modified/changed/or updated. For example I have a user
PM> that updates a stats page via the web, and I would like it to say (Current
PM> up to "The last date the stats table was modified"). Thanks for your help,
PM> I've been looking online as well but thought this may be quicker. Take care.
PM> Thanks again.

PM> God Bless

PM> Paul C. McNeil
PM> Developer in Java, MS-SQL, MySQL, and web technologies.

PM> To God Be The Glory!

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