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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 21 1999 9:35am
Subject:Problem with DISTINCT
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>>>>> "sal" == sal  <sal@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
sal> I have a table with an auto_increment primary key, starts at 1.  There is also a
> row for each 'product' that contains a size and color, so there may  be multiple product
> id's but with distinct color/size combinations.

sal> If I do a simple

sal> SELECT DISTINCT Color FROM Products WHERE productId='ABCDEF'

sal> The rows are returned with distinct info for the Colors and are sorted by the
> colors.  My primary key is called 'id'.

sal> When I do a

sal> SELECT DISTINCT Color FROM Products WHERE productId='ABCDEF' order by id;

sal> I no longer get distinct results for the Color field.  I thought it might be a
> problem with the primary key handling, so I added a new column called display, which is
> basically equal to id, and tried ordering by that.  It did the same thing.  Returned all
> Colors, including duplicates.

sal> Is my SQL knowledge to blame here or is this a real bug?


In SQL you are not allowed to do an ORDER by something not in the
SELECT part;  MySQL fixes this by adding an hidden column, but this
will be of be noticed by the DISTINCT.

Anyway; The above works as you want in MySQL 3.23 (even if I think
that in this case your query is not very logical, as the query may
have many different correct sorting orders, depending on from which
row the 'id' is taken)

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