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From:Tin Le Date:April 11 1999 11:10pm
Subject:Re: mod_auth_mysql-2.20 not making libauth_mysql.a
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It's a bug in the Configure script.  I've never bothered to track it down,
but have run into this problem for the past 6 months or longer.

In your Apache source tree, go to src/modules/auth_mysql, edit Makefile and
search for "LIBEXT".  The bug is that Configure sets it to "LIBEXT=o" which
is wrong.  You want to change it to "LIBEXT=a", then rerun make to get your

Tin Le

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On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Jeff Hill wrote:

> When I make mod_auth_mysql-2.20, the instructions say to add a line to
> the Apache configure script to activate libauth_mysql.a.  Problem is,
> making mod_auth_mysql does not appear to create libauth_mysql.a. I've
> made past versions of mod_auth_mysql with no such problems (albeit, on a
> different system).
> libauth_mysql.a isn't to be found under the mod_auth_mysql-2.20 source
> directory nor under the apache directory src/modules/auth_mysql. When
> running the Configure script and making mod_auth_mysql, no errors or
> warnings are reported. 
> I do get libauth_mysql.module, and
> mod_auth_mysql.c under the mod_auth_mysql source directory, and I get
> auth_mysql_config.h, libauth_mysql.module and mod_auth_mysql.c put under
> the Apache module source directory.
> I am building Apache with mod_ssl and PHP3 as well, but I see no reason
> this should have an impact on the build of mod_auth_mysql.
> Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the Configure and Make files to
> see what's going wrong. With no error signs, I'm lost.
> I'm doing all of this on a brand new install of Linux 2.0.36 (Debian)
> running on a PII Celeron 266Mhz w/64MB RAM. 
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Jeff Hill
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