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From:Steve Edberg Date:October 22 1999 8:29pm
Subject:Re: no errors reported in php
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At 12:09 PM -0700 10/22/99, Seth Tager wrote:
>I'm not getting any errors reported when I call
>mysql_query from a php script.
>The calls work fine (I get real db info) for valid sql, but
>when I put garbage in the query I dont get any errors
>reported in either mysql_error, mysql_errno, or php_errormsg
>(which is enabled in the .ini file)
>The only way I can tell that something didn't work is that
>the result of mysql_query is 0.
>Any idea why this is hapenning?
>Seth Tager

You might want to post this to the PHP list and add platform/php 
version/MySQL version info. However, I have had no trouble with 
mysql_error() on a WinNT/PHP3.0.11/Mysql 3.22.4 setup or a 
Solaris/PHP3.0.11/MySQL 3.23.something setup. Are you _sure_ that you 
have established a connection with mysql_connect() or _pconnect()? If 
not, you'll never get an error message in mysql_error() or _errno(). 
I believe you will get a connection error message in $phperrormsg 
(can't remember exact spelling), though. Also, do you call 
mysql_error() right after the mysql_query call? I don't know, but the 
mysql error message might be reset if you call other mysql API 
functions first. Lastly, have you tried using the mysql_db_query() 
statement instead of mysql_query() ? This is kind of a long shot, but 
maybe mysql_query() is buggy. I always use mysql_db_query().


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