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From:Scott Haneda Date:May 28 2004 8:04am
Subject:Re: Mysql Scenario
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on 05/27/2004 06:30 PM, tachu at tachu@stripped wrote:

> WOuld the following scenario be possible
> I currently have about 1.2 Tb of data that i need to transform into
> mysql and be able to server a very high amount of pages from a
> discussion board. would i be able to place the mysql/data directory in a
> main server with huge storage and then have several mysql server
> instances running on different machines accessing the same /mysql/data
> directory? would there be any limitations. i need to be able to server
> about 200/sec on each server and have about 40 servers. basically my
> ideas is to have several mysql servers running but one main data
> repository. any help is appreciated

Not speaking at all from experience here, so these are just thoughts.

I think you want to basically create a network disk for your storage, then
point mysql to that disk to read the datbases.  I see no real trouble with
this at all, it is pretty standard to change the location of your data

I do see some issues, first, how will you load balance the mysql servers,
every time a page is loaded, you will have to find one of 40 servers to
request that data, as long as you have this worked out, it should be fine as

The main problem I can see is that if this is anything other than a
read-only environment, I would not trust it, the second more than one server
tries to write to the central databases, I can see it freaking out somewhat.

I think you need to look into load balancing and replication to achieve what
you are after.
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