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From:Robert J Taylor Date:May 27 2004 9:14pm
Subject:Re: Duplicate does not exist
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fr0g wrote:

> Good evening all.
> I'm facing a problem with a specific table and the uniques that it has.
> I have a table, hosting data of peoples names.
> Some of it's columns are, name_english, surname_english, 
> name_original, surname_original, name_greek, surname_greek.
> I have as unique each combination of columns of the same language 
> (i.e. name_english, surname_english, unique, etc).

As I am "Robert James Taylor" I can give anecdotal evidence that full 
name does by no means make a good candidate key for a database of any 
population larger than...say....George Foreman's immediate family (he 
named all his boys the exact same name, if you didn't catch the 
reference). More than once I have entered confusing periods of 
mis-identification due to database designers relying on name alone to 
match people.

In fact, a short tale that is true. I moved from one West  Coast state 
to another in 1998 and was denied a drivers license after passing the 
tests will flying colors because I had "a DUI conviction" in an East 
Coast state. The other Robert James Taylor, who was born the same year 
and day I was, fortunately had a different Social Security Number (which 
is not a panacea either...but I digress). This may sound far-fetched and 
unlikely to happen again but it was real, scary and made me curse 
database designers at the DMV.

Please don't do that.


Robert James Taylor
West Coast and Sober
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