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From:michael_wu[吳宏達] Date:May 25 2004 7:10am
Subject:FW: create database in specified character set
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From: michael_wu[吳宏達] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 3:08 PM
To: 'mysql@stripped'
Subject: RE: create database in specified character set

Many thanks!  I had downloaded V4.1.1 and created a database in utf8
character set.
I successfully created a table and inserted rows of data with VARCHAR
columns into the table through the SQL pad.
With the Control Center GUI, I can see the result.  It seems the data in the
table are right.  I can see the multiple byte
characters in the varchar columns.  However, when my application selected
data through JDBC, the returned strings are wrong.
Looks the returned strings are not in the right character set.  Could some
one tell me what mistakes I had made?

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From: Hassan Schroeder [mailto:hassan@stripped]
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 12:19 PM
To: mysql@stripped
Subject: Re: create database in specified character set

michael_wu[吳宏達] wrote:

>      I am evaluating the utf8 support of MySQL V4.0.18.  I followed the
> documentation to create a database as the following:
>      Strangely, I got syntax error(s).  It seems that the reserved words
> CHARACTER SET are not recognized.


    "As of MySQL 4.1.1, create_specification options can be given to
     database characteristics. Database characteristics are stored in the
     `db.opt' file in the database directory. The CHARACTER SET clause
     specifies ..."

That's "4.1.1" -- time to upgrade. :-)

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