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From:Greg Willits Date:May 19 2004 6:25pm
Subject:mysqld sock conflicts
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I have two mysql apps running on the same machine (OS X 10.3.3). A 
mysql 3.23.54 on port 14551, and a mysql 4.0.16 on 3306. Each has a 
config file specifying the port and a unique socket name in /tmp. They 
have coexisted just peachy for a very long time.

Now however, w/o any changes to either MySQL3, MySQL4, or the OS, every 
time I issue a terminal command to one of the MySQL3 bin apps preceded 
by the usual cd /x/y/z/bin, the commands are being sent to the 
/usr/local/mysql bin apps on 3306. If I shut mysqld 3306 down (which 
closes the sock file), then any commands to mysql 14551 gripes that 
there is no socket file even though the one it should be using is still 

Removing and reinstalling both mysql's (now I have 4.0.18) does not fix 
it. Each does in fact create its own sock file in /tmp, and each mysqld 
server runs just fine. I can manually specify the --socket for the 
14551 bin apps and they'll work, but I've used mysql3 and mysql4 side 
by side since one of the later 4.0 betas and I've never had to specify 
the socket when launching any of the mysql3 utils.

There has to be some other kind of socket related config file somewhere 
that has something to do with this? I have no idea what could have 
changed "all of a sudden" and "on its own."

Thanks for any clues.

-- greg willits

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