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From:Robert A. Rosenberg Date:May 19 2004 5:11pm
Subject:Re: Running more than one level of MySQL
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At 15:09 -0500 on 05/18/2004, Paul DuBois wrote about Re: Running 
more than one level of MySQL:

>At 15:46 -0400 5/18/04, Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:
>>I have a site that is being hosted by an ISP which is running 
>>version 3.23.52. When I questioned why that downlevel version and 
>>not a 4.0 version (such as 4.0.18 or the just released 4.0.20), I 
>>was told "Unfortunately, when versions change on MySQL, they also 
>>drop features and change security settings. This can cause many 
>>problems system wide." Before I go further with my discussion and 
>>renew my request for a 4.0 Database, I would like to know if it is 
>>even possible to have more than one level active (and if so, what 
>>is involved in the set-up).
>It's perfectly possible.  I have dozens of versions installed, though not
>all necessarily running at the same time. :-)

Thank you for your reply. I am passing it on to the ISP in the hope 
that they will use it to provide an option to offer current level 
support to those who need/want it (by just adding the new port number 
to the Host Name in MySQL connection request).

I have one suggestion to be added to the base code to assist in 
running multiple levels - Allow the --port=port_number parameter to 
take a list as opposed to only one number (so the server monitors 
more than one port and treats them as if they were the same). This 
would allow a migration to the newer versions to proceed by having 
the base port number as well as the alternate one be available for 
the use after the migration while those who were using the alternate 
port number in their calls are removing the number so as to again use 
the standard port number. Initially, the downlevel version would have 
ownership of the standard port as well as a private port (for those 
who do not want to be migrated after the move) which would be 
reassigned on "Roll Day" to the newer version. The alternate port 
could then be scheduled to be removed after a period of time to allow 
for its removal from the Host Name calls by those who were using the 
newer version prior to the Roll.
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