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From:Ben Ricker Date:May 18 2004 8:13pm
Subject:Re: Running more than one level of MySQL
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I just did an upgrade from 3.23.54a to 4.0.18 for 4 DB servers. It was a
piece of cake. Some hints:

1) Run through the docs on changes from previous versions. Someone who
understands the DBs you will be moving would be helpful to look at it  as

2) that stuff about "security settings" is baloney. The higher the version,
the more likely you are to have a MORE secure MySQL as they apply security
and bug fixes to the later versions.

3) I ran both versions side-by-side listening on different ports. We did
all the testing we needed on the different port and then all we had to do
was bring down the old and bring up the new on the old port.

4). You will have some down time to do exports of the old database and to
import to the new one. We used a mysqldump --opt --all-databases and then
imported it after taking down the front-end. When it came back up, it was
working transparently.

Good luck.

Ben Ricker


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I have a site that is being hosted by an ISP which is running version
3.23.52. When I questioned why that downlevel version and not a 4.0
version (such as 4.0.18 or the just released 4.0.20), I was told
"Unfortunately, when versions change on MySQL, they also drop
features and change security settings. This can cause many problems
system wide." Before I go further with my discussion and renew my
request for a 4.0 Database, I would like to know if it is even
possible to have more than one level active (and if so, what is
involved in the set-up).

Thank you.

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