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From:bruce Date:May 16 2004 7:52am
Subject:basic mysql setup
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i'm running rh 8.0 with mysql on a test system. i'm relatively new to the
admin functions of mysql. another person setup the mysql on the system.

in reviewing the setup, it appears that mysql was setup with using root, and
the root password. when i look at phpMyAdmin, it is also setup using the
root. currently, it seems to provide whoever accesses the app with the
ability to make whatever changes they want!! obviously not a good thing!

can someone walk me through what i need to do to change mysql/phpMyAdmin so
that only specific users can make specific changes to the underlying

i've taken a look at the mysql docs, and am a little confused. i've also
taken a look at the phpMyAdmin site/underlying files/docs to see if there is
a way to change the setup, but i can't seem to find what/where a change
should be made..

thanks for any help you can provide with this!!


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