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From:Dathan Vance Pattishall Date:May 13 2004 11:51pm
Subject:RE: InnoDB filesystem
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> From: Tim Cutts [mailto:tjrc@stripped]
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> Subject: Re: InnoDB filesystem
> On 13 May 2004, at 3:34 pm, Dan Nelson wrote:
> >>> Pros: performance and bypassing the filesystem cache.
> MySQL can't use all that memory itself, so it makes sense to allow the
> OS to cache as much disk space as possible in the memory that MySQL
> can't use directly?

It depends, if your datafile is less then 16 GB then the system cache can
help, but fill up the innodb_buffer_pool you'll get better performance.
Think of innodb as being its own virtual filesystem. If you have 16GB it's
probably a 64 bit OS, and mysql is available in 64 bit.

> Tim
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