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From:Tim Cutts Date:May 13 2004 3:10pm
Subject:Re: InnoDB filesystem
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On 13 May 2004, at 3:34 pm, Dan Nelson wrote:

>>> Pros: performance and bypassing the filesystem cache.
> I believe most OSes support direct file access which either bypasses or
> minimizes cache effects, and InnoDB will enable it if possible.
> Solaris direct file I/O performance on UFS is within a couple percent
> of raw partitions, for example.

This is all very well, but on some systems, surely the OS filesystem 
cache is a bonus, not a hindrance.  Take for example a four-way X86 
system with 16 GB RAM.  I've seen people talk about such machines on 
this list.

MySQL can't use all that memory itself, so it makes sense to allow the 
OS to cache as much disk space as possible in the memory that MySQL 
can't use directly?


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