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From:Philip Wilkinson Date:March 13 1999 4:08pm
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Date: Saturday, March 13, 1999 03:54
Subject: Re: Moving MySQL from one Linux Box to another

>Jochen Haeberle wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just read in the manual 4.16.3 Upgrading to another architecture
>> and will try the tips there to move my development MySQL to a new
>> production server. But I thought I could just copy all the database
>> files from one Linux-Box to another and use the exactly same
>> databases, users and data.
>> I mounted the dev-server via nfs (rw) as root and tried to copy the
>> /var/mysql (cp -ar) most things went well, but several (not all)
>> files from the mysql subdir could not be copied with a permission
>> denied error. I shut mysql down with no difference.
>> Is it possible to easily duplicate a MySQL-Installation from one
>> Intel-Linux to another keeping all data and users the same?
>> Thanks in advance for helping a newbie (probably this is to be
>> considered OT, as I probably just was unable to just use Unix
>> correctly :-( )
>> Jochen
>Nothing beats good old fashioned tar and ftp.
>On old machine:
>cd /usr/local/var
>tar cvf /tmp/mydb.tar mydb
>(or sudo tar if permissions is a problem, which it shouldn't be)
>On new machine:
>ftp -i -v oldmachine
>cd /tmp
>get mydb.tar
>cd /usr/local/var
>tar xvf mydb.tar
>Linux rocks!!!
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