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From:Leon Sonntag Date:May 5 2004 3:08pm
Subject:Re: DBD::MySQL on RH8
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At 08:04 AM 5/5/04, Rudy Lippan wrote:
>On Mon, 3 May 2004, Leon Sonntag wrote:
> > I am having problems with installing the DBD::MySQL Perl module.  My system
> > is: RedHat 8 (patched current) Perl 5.8.4 (installed from RPM but upgraded
> > manually) Apache 2.0.40 Modperl 1.99
> >
> > I am heading toward being able to install Best Practicals "request
> > tracker".  Currently this is a clean system.  Any help is appreciated.
>Make sure that the correct 'mysql_config' is in your path before running 

Ah!!!  there in may lie a clue to the problem.  II was not able to even 
FIND mysql_config.  I tried copying my my.cnf file to mysql_config in the 
build directory.  That didn't work.  So I finally manually defined all the 
variables with commandline switches (as defined by 'perl Makefile.PL  --help').

By the way, THANKS VERY MUCH for getting back to me.  I had given up on 
this group!

Most anything is easy after you've done it successfully a few times

Leon Sonntag
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leon at iwa-solutions dot com 

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