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From:The masked marvel Date:May 5 2004 6:48am
Subject:Re: Accessing DBMS remotely: MySQL? FireBird?
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David Griffiths >> Look at the documentation regarding the users table in 
the mysql database.

Thx David, but I wasn't asking about limiting access to a database, but 
rather how to set things up so that users at a branch office can have 
read/write access to a database located at the main office. The branches 
are connected to the Net with ADSL, and a VPN is already up and running 
between the branches and the main office.

Guess I'll forget about the replication solution as it seems overly 
complicated and risky, and test transactions in the hope that if the 
connection goes down, MySQL will just forget about the whole thing and let 
users give it another shot once their connection is back up.

 >> This list is not a great place to ask about Firebird.

But then, since I'm wondering whether to use MySQL or FireBird, they'll 
probably tell me the same thing over at the FB mailing list :-)

Thank you anyway

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