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From:David Griffiths Date:May 3 2004 4:42am
Subject:Re: Accessing DBMS remotely: MySQL? FireBird?
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Look at the documentation regarding the users table in the mysql database.

You can specify an ip address (or subset of an ip address) on which users
are allowed to connect; others are rejected, via the hosts column.

IE if you specify 192.168.1.%, any user on the 192.168.1 portion of the
network (ie,,, etc up to
are allowed to connect. Since you are connecting via a vpn, it sounds like
an IP address will be handed out by the VPN, and you should be able to
establish some security with your connections. You can have different rules
for different users and hosts. IE you can set it up so that the "Fred" user
on localhost doesn't need a password, but Susan on 192.168.1.% does. And you
can also set it up so that Susan can't modify any data in Table A (just read
data, not write), etc. The permissions setup in MySQL is really good; very

Don't screw up the users table, though, as you might find yourself unable to
connect from any machine. Look at the MySQL Admin tool (or some other tool).
I believe that it has a GUI that lets you add/edit/remove users painlessly
(and reduces the risk of screw ups).

This list is not a great place to ask about Firebird.


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Subject: Accessing DBMS remotely: MySQL? FireBird?

> Hi,
> Some of our customers have remote offices. I was wondering if it'd be safe
> to have a DBMS running at their central office, and have our client
> application running on hosts in the branches connect to it through a VPN
> via the Net?
> What happens if the connection goes south while a branch office was making
> changes? Does the DBMS just rollbacks changes automatically after a
> Should we set up some kind of replication instead?
> Also, are there compeling reasons to go for Firebird instead of MySQL? I
> don't know enough about the capabilities of each DBMS today to make an
> educated choice.
> Thank you for any tip
> Fred.
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