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From:Udikarni Date:May 3 2004 6:16pm
Subject:Re: urban myth?
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As everyone has mentioned - you should always assume the data comes back randomly - even
if the table is completely static and there have been no inserts or updates, but it's even
more subtle than that.

When you port your application to a database than allows your queries to run
multi-threaded (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server) - every query process will return a chunk of the
data and one process will mastermind and glue the chunks together. There is no guarantee
that the chunks will always be glued in the same order - unless ORDER BY has been

People who get sloppy in single threaded databases and only use a GROUP BY without an
ORDER BY, relying on the fact that the GROUP BY does a sort and makes the ORDER BY
unnecessary - get a rude awakening when they move to a multi-threaded database where every
query process returns its chunk sorted but the different chunks are glued out of sequence
unless you explicitly specified the ORDER BY.

So - certain errors will never become apparent in single-threaded MySQL or Microsot
Access, but will sting you when upgrading to a multi-threaded database. Therefore - beware
- and always specify ORDER BY if you want your data sorted.

In a message dated 5/3/2004 1:39:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, bhemphill@stripped writes:

> My boss says that if you do a select statement against a table the
> result set always comes back in the same order.  I say that this is a
> myth and that the result is random, except when some ordering is
> specified in the SQL statement.
> Who is right?  Is this behavior specified by ANSI or ISO?
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