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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 20 1999 8:33pm
Subject:Re: Win32 Install
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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Kline <bkline@stripped> writes:

Bob> On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Michael Widenius wrote:
>> >>>>> "Emmanuel" == Emmanuel Planas
> <planas@stripped> writes:
Emmanuel> Hi,
Emmanuel> I am new to the list and the use of mySQL.
Emmanuel> I tried to install the free version for Win 32.
Emmanuel> Could you please help me with two questions:
Emmanuel> 1-In the help file, I am told about a "mysql-nt" executable, that I can
Emmanuel> not find in the package. Do you have an idea of where it is situated
Emmanuel> 2-when I try to install mySQL as a service with "mysqld --install" or
Emmanuel> "mysqld-opt --install", a window appears telling "Failed to install
Emmanuel> Service". Do you have an idea of why
Emmanuel> Thanks.
Emmanuel> Emmanuel Planas.
>> Hi!
>> I am sorry, but the shareware version didn't come with mysqld-nt;  The 
>> NT port (with includes services) was done in MySQL 3.22.  The
>> shareware version is of version MySQL 3.21.
>> In other words;  You have to run the mysqld-shareware version in a
>> window on nt.

Bob> Are you sure about that last point?  Yes, the mysql-nt.exe file isn't
Bob> included, but I believe mysqld --install still works on NT (I've done it
Bob> successfully, though I had to go into the Control Panel to actually get
Bob> it started).

Bob> C:\mysql>net start | grep My
Bob>    MySql

Bob> C:\mysql>bin\mysql
Bob> Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
Bob> Your MySQL connection id is 46 to server version: 3.21.29a-gamma-debug

Bob> Type 'help' for help.



It looks like you are right: )

I did a check in the source to refresh my memory.

It seams that the -nt version just includes code to be able to handle
named pipes and doesn't have anything to do with services.

I stand corrected.

In other words, The shareware version can be installed as a service.

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