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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 20 1999 8:19pm
Subject:index on functions
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Ruby <stever@stripped> writes:

Steve> I noticed in the 3.23.X updates that mysql will now use keys on
Steve> key_column = function

Steve> has it been considered, or is there anyway to implement keys
Steve> on functions? where they key would be in sync with the value of the
Steve> function?

Steve> like
Steve> key righttest ( right(testing,10) );

Steve> so that the key would always contain the value of the function and
Steve> therefore be used in queries like

Steve> select * from table
Steve> where right(testing,10) = '0123456789';

Steve> I dont' know if this is something that other databases do or not,
Steve> I've never tried until now and the way to get around it for me now
Steve> is to create a column that contains the right 10 digits of another
Steve> column, index it and search against it, it creates extra work of syncing
Steve> them on my end plus space for the column.

Steve> just a suggtesion, I'm sure this has come up at some point but
Steve> everythign I've tried to search for in the mailing list is too generic
Steve> and I'm floded with hits about indexes and functions but not the
Steve> combination.


Sorry, but at least for the moment we don't have the above on our

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