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From:John Mistler Date:May 2 2004 5:47pm
Subject:Re: Distributing mySQL
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I'm glad you brought this up, because I am trying to figure out the same
thing.  I have created an application for OS 10.3 which stores its data in a
MySQL database.  I would like to be able to install the app on other
computers from a CD, without having to set up MySQL separately on each
computer.  This would require the installer to search for MySQL first, and
if it exists, update it to version 4.0.18; otherwise, install MySQL 4.0.18.

I have read something about a MySQL embedded server, which might be the
answer.  If anybody has experience with this and could offer advice, I would
be more than appreciative.

When I find out anything useful on my own, I would be happy to offer you
what I learn, too.  Feel free to check in with me.

- John

on 5/2/04 4:48 AM, Peter Laurens at peterlaurens@stripped wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have a query about distributing mySQL.
> I am a student developer, but have very little experience with
> databases, I develop in Cocoa for OS X (as well as a little bit of
> Windows stuff).
> An application I am writing stands to benefit a lot from having a
> server application available. It's a simple project management app, and
> at the moment does very rudimentary networking. One plan is to really
> enhance this and develop a server app for my project manager, so
> multiple users could work on projects in the same office and keep all
> project information up to date via the one server.
> I think it would be great to use mySQL to store project information for
> access via my server app (is it even necessary to have write a server
> app myself, or could I just build in the ability to communicate with
> the mySQL database over the network?).
> Anyway, basically my question is this: I'd love to be able to
> distribute both the server app and the client app on CD, will it be a
> problem (from a technical standpoint, not legal) to create and set up
> the mySQL database (whether or not mySQL is already installed) from a
> simple installer?
> Thanks for any advice and help you may be able to offer, it's most
> appreciated,
> - Peter

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