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From:Micheal Mc Evoy Date:April 11 1999 3:39am
Subject:Re: Biggest ever newbie question - INSERT
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On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Eric Dahnke wrote:

>Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 00:29:19 -0300
>From: Eric Dahnke <edahnke@stripped>
>To: mysql@stripped
>Subject: Biggest ever newbie question - INSERT
>Hello kind list,
>I'm very new to SQL, sorry if this an inapropriate question.
>I created a table as follows.
>CREATE TABLE test_table (field1 CHAR(10) NOT NULL,
>	field2 CHAR(10) NOT NULL);
>When I try to insert data via
>INSERT INTO test_table (field1, field2) VALUES (red, blue);
>why does MySQL think that red and blue are columns?
>ERROR 1054: Unknown column 'red' in 'field list'
>(I did notice that I can input numbers instead of red and blue and the
>data is accepted)
>Many thx, - eric

Character strings need to be enclosed in single quotes.
I would recommend that you pick up a good intro to SQL book.


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