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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 20 1999 5:22pm
Subject:For: MySQL Presales Team
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>>>>> "Milton" == Milton  <milton@stripped> writes:

Milton> My Dilemmas:
Milton> Tests run on a "out-of-the-box" W98 machine with 64mb ram and gigabytes of
Milton> free disk.  Everything is run on localhost including mysqld.exe.  Using
Milton> default installation of shareware 3.21.29 w32.

Milton> Issue 1 - GPF.
Milton> I have 3 dos windows running mysql.exe. In each window, I start deleting
Milton> records from the same table using different where clauses.  Up pops 3
Milton> windows titled DBUG with the msg "Test Signal" and an OK button.  I press
Milton> the OK button and GPF on mysqld.exe.  Other situations, I can't even press
Milton> OK, Windows 98 is locked with on/off button the only way out.  DB is corrupt
Milton> and used isamchk -o (-r couldn't do it) to rebuild the table and primary
Milton> index.  Lost data records in the process.  Other programmatically concurrent
Milton> delete situations using the MM jdbc driver causes an "error 127 from table
Milton> handler" to be returned.  OK, if this don't work, I will use locking and
Milton> process the delete statements synchronously.

I am not aware of any such trouble in the registered MySQL version.

Milton> Issue 2 - lock tables statement.
Milton> I open up 2 dos windows and run mysql.exe -u root. In each process I issue
Milton> "use test".  In window 1, I issue "lock tables stmthdr write;".  Returns
Milton> Query OK, 0 rows affected.  In window 2, I issue "delete from stmthdr where
Milton> company='HHH'.  Returns Query OK, 14 rows affected. It deleted the records!
Milton> Why? Window 1 suppose to have lock the table.  OK, that dont work.  Will try
Milton> other lock method.

This I know is fixed in the registered version.

Milton> Issue 3 - get_lock, release_lock functions.  Using mysql.exe client.
Milton> In window 1, I issue command select get_lock("test",10). Returns the
Milton> expected 1 value.  I then issue select release_lock("test").  Returns the 0
Milton> value.  I guess release_lock dont work.  I re-issue the get_lock("test",10)
Milton> and it returns the expected 1 value.  In window 2, I issue the same command.
Milton> It just hangs there ignoring the time out value.  In window 3, I issue the
Milton> same command.  It hangs there to.  In window 1, I try the release_lock
Milton> statement again.  Returns 0 and does not free any of the other windows up.
Milton> I then issue a different get_lock statement.  Window 2 frees up and returns
Milton> the 1 value.  In window 2, I issue another different get_lock command to
Milton> free up window 3.  Window 3 is hung.  I could not even kill the process.
Milton> The only way to get out was to Ctrl-C.  The process was still active
Milton> requiring shutdown of the server.
Milton> Summary: (a) release_lock dont work, (b) timeout value of get_lock dont work
Milton> and (c) hanging process questions stability.

We re-implented get_lock()/release_lock() on Win32 in MySQL 3.22 to get
around some problems with timing issues on Win32.  The current version 
doesn't have any known problem with this.

Milton> My situation: (1) I couldn't find anything in the change documentation that
Milton> indicated any fixes or worst yet, problems I am encountering.  (2) I
Milton> couldn't find any docs indicating differences in the "shareware" version vs.
Milton> pay version so I have to assume the shareware version was a production
Milton> version in it's time.  (3) I have no idea as to what does NOT work in the
Milton> pay version (see situation 1) if I were to purchase it.  So this leads to
Milton> the question: Is there at least a (x days) money back guarantee available on
Milton> the pay version so I can test the "real" product?  If the pay version passes
Milton> the above tests, no problem!  Otherwise, can't justify paying even $1 for
Milton> the product.  I need something faster than the MS Jet file server database,
Milton> but I don't need the overhead and costs of Oracle or SQL Server, but I do
Milton> need something that works and is stable.  To be frank, If mysql were not so
Milton> darn fast, my evaluation would have been over after the first
Milton> problem/no-resolution search encountered.  Please advise.

Milton> Aloha!
Milton> Milton - milton@stripped

The shareware version was the first relatively stable version of MySQL 
on win32;  On the other hand, it's more than 1 1/2 year old and much
has happened since then.  We will upgrade the shareware version to the
latest 3.22 version as soon as MySQL 3.23 is declared stable.

(After all, the shareware version is just intended to let people try
it out before they would buy the registered version)

The registered Win32 version of MySQL is almost identical to the Unix
version of MySQL!  This means that all documentation that you can find
on the MySQL web site should be relevant even if you are using Win95
or NT!  There is a couple of very minor, OS related, differences
between the Win32 and Unix version and the differences are documented
in the reference manual in the 'Win32 notes' section!

As you have some problems, we can offer to give you access to the
registered MySQL version so that you can verify that it works before
you pay for it.  If you are interested, just mail hk@stripped
about this and he will give you access to it.

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