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From:Sam Peterson Date:April 29 2004 4:36pm
Subject:Oracle Listener Like Functionality
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We are designing a new solution and I have not been able to find
functionality anywhere in the MySQL documentation or literature.
With an Oracle database you can bring up the database, recover what is
needed, all while leaving the listener down.  The listener in Oracle
just allows clients to connect if it is up.  With the listener down no
external clients can connect to the DB.  Is there similar functionality
in MySQL?
Right now my work around is to bring up servers by default on a
different port than 3306 so that clients aren't connecting to a slave or
a master in a 'Not Ready' state.  Once the database is recovered then
I'm reconfiguring the port.  Has anyone else done something similar to
this?  I'm new to MySQL so any better suggestions would be appreciated.
Sam Peterson

Oracle Listener Like FunctionalitySam Peterson29 Apr
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