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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 20 1999 5:28pm
Subject:phpMyAdmin - MySQL 3.23.4-alpha Works!
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>>>>> "Petras" == Petras Virzintas <petras@stripped> writes:

Petras> Hi, I have finally found the reason why MySQL 3.23.4-alpha broke phpMyAdmin
Petras> (was OK with 3.23.2-alpha). The problem is the name of the server. It seems
Petras> that "localhost" is no longer a valid server name and you must use the
Petras> actual name of the server.
Petras> After changing the server name in from "localhost" to
Petras> "myserver" it works fine. By coincidence, my other php/MySQL web pages used
Petras> "myserver".


The above sounds VERY strange!

Can you not even use 'localhost' from your mysql command tool?

I am not aware of any changes in MySQL 3.23.4 that could explain


phpMyAdmin - MySQL 3.23.4-alpha Works!Petras Virzintas20 Oct
  • phpMyAdmin - MySQL 3.23.4-alpha Works!Michael Widenius20 Oct