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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 10 1999 11:33pm
Subject:myODBC / my.cnf
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>>>>> "Jeffrey" == Jeffrey Mercer <jmercer@stripped>
> writes:

Jeffrey> Everytime I go to link a table ( via Access, win98, over ip ) I have
Jeffrey> type in all the connection params. Is this normal? I though about using
Jeffrey> my.cnf to do this, but can't find info on how file should be organized.

Jeffrey> What for example should be the lhs for "Windows DSN Name"?

Jeffrey> host=host_name, etc. are pretty obvious...

Jeffrey> Wow, I just tried a my.cnf with some of the better known params
Jeffrey> specified. Filled in the rest by hand and checked the use my.cnf box.
Jeffrey> Access crashed. Whaz up?


You have to type in the connect parameters if you have not specified 
a database, a user and a password in ODBC administrator.

I have now update the MyODBC and the MySQL documentation about the
options in the my.cnf file:

MyODBC reads the [client] and [odbc] sections from the my.cnf file.

The following entries can be used

compress 	; Use the compressed client/server protocol.
database 	; Connect to this database if there was no database in
		  the connect command
debug 		; Debug options
host 		; Default host name
init-command 	; Command to execute when connecting to MySQL
		  server. Will automaticly be re-executed when reconnecting.
password	; Default password
pipe	 	; Use named pipes to connect to a @strong{MySQL} server on NT.
port		; Default port number
return-found-rows ; Tell @code{mysql_info()} to return found rows
		    instead of update rows when using @code{UPDATE}. 
socket	 	; Default socket number
timeout		; Connect timeout in seconds.
user		; Default user

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