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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 20 1999 2:10am
Subject:"unresolved external symbols" when compiling after upgrade
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>>>>> "Patrice" == Patrice Bulat <bulat@stripped> writes:

Patrice> Hello,
Patrice> I've just upgraded a WinNT mysql server from 3.21.29 (the shareware
Patrice> version) to 3.22.26a . The upgrade succeeded, but now I have some problems
Patrice> compiling my programs. Is this because I'm using Visual C++ 4.2 instead of
Patrice> a more recent version ? (5 or 6).

The MySQL client library is compiled with VC 6.0

Patrice> Here are the details :
Patrice> Those programs where first written, compiled and successfully executed with
Patrice> the shareware server, and worked very well. After the upgrade, I cannot
Patrice> recompile a program without having lots of 'unresolved external symbol
Patrice> _mysql_xxx', though I'm linking with libmysql.lib and wsock32.lib just like
Patrice> before. If I add mysqlclient.lib , I don't have this error messages,
Patrice> instead there's another error message : 'LINK : error : Internal error
Patrice> during pass 1'

Patrice> Do I really have to upgrade my VC++ version ?


You can still link with the old old libraries and connect to the new
MySQL server.

Another option is to use the MyODBC source distribution and compile a
libmysqlclient library you can use from this.

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