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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 20 1999 1:44am
Subject:Mysqlbug script suggestion...
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>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Moore <rick@stripped> writes:

Rick> How about writing a script which automatically gathers all the important
> information about a user's database and submits it with a bug report?  Just kidding.  :)
Rick> Here's the real suggestion:  A version of the existing mysqlbug which just
> generates a file full of data that we can attach to our question / bug report.  (Also,
> does it / can it work from the client?)  It's a great little script, but it's kind of a
> pain to use unless your server is set up for smtp and you actually like using emacs/vi to
> type in questions.  Just a thought...

Rick> Rick


David has on his TODO to extend mysqlbug to do just the above..

Mysqlbug script suggestion...Rick Moore19 Oct
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