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From:Klaus Neudecker Date:April 15 2004 7:17am
Subject:ERROR 1064?
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I am comparable new to mySQL, so sorry if I might bother you with a 
newby Problem:

When I connect to the database via phpMyAdmin or via the mySQL Command 
Line Tool as root I have problems creating a view (root has all 
privelegs, and the pure select statement works fine in the line before):

the statement
 > create view test as select Name from user;
brings the german error message:
#1064 - Fehler in der Syntax bei 'view test AS  SELECT Name
FROM user' in Zeile 1.
in english at about:
#1064 - Error with the syntax at 'view test AS  SELECT Name
FROM user' in row 1.

OK, this might be a syntax-error, but what is wrong on this syntax??? 
The select statement works & I have checked the create view a thousand 

Thank you very much in advance
ERROR 1064?(Klaus Neudecker)15 Apr
  • Re: ERROR 1064?Egor Egorov15 Apr