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From:Daniel Lahey Date:April 14 2004 7:26am
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Just thought I'd share my experience with MySQL under Panther.  I think 
the critical thing that got me going was that the /usr/local/mysql/data 
directory was owned by root instead of mysql.  I changed that (chown 
mysql /usr/local/mysql/data) and everything seems to be a) Hunky b) 
Dory, thanks to Scott Haneda.  (See below...)

 From Scott:

For some reason I get a lot of email from users on Mac OS X that can not
install MySql.  I have written a step by step in hopes it will help.  I
really did little more than copy the notes on the MySql site, but alas, 
seems some people are not following those correctly.

Hopefully, people can point others to this link 


Dan (aka Zippy Appletush)

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