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From:Peter J Milanese Date:April 7 2004 12:33pm
Subject:Re: MySQL on Linux
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I ran into the same issues on RH8, with a default implmentation. It can be 
overcome, but the mysql failed to 
write to the table after 2gb or so. It turned out to be a filesystem 
limitation issue, which was fixable. I am 
not sure, but given the size of files nowadays, RH9 defaults probably take 
care of it. I am currently running
several very large tables on RH8 (5-30G) and it is stable. One should 
always beware that large tables
can easily be corrupted, and are not a joy to recover though  :-/


Alan Williamson <alan@stripped>
04/06/2004 05:57 PM
        To:     Dan Nelson <dnelson@stripped>
        cc:     mysql@stripped
        Subject:        Re: MySQL on Linux

Thank you, a much reasoned and sensible reply.

This is information people can use, as oppose to the posts that 'say 
well its okay for me, you must be stupid' types.


Dan Nelson wrote:

> In the last episode (Apr 06), Alan Williamson said:
>>>the most popular would have been Red Hat, which doesn't have this
>>>limit you speak of, even plain vanilla install (no twiddling
>>Not to spoil a perfectly good pontification ... but i have to say
>>that we have a Redhat8 distribution running on a Dell PowerEdge
>>Server and when Apache gets to the 2GB size on its access file, it
>>does indeed stop.  This is not old hardware (12months old).
> That is because although Linux binaries can access files over 2gb, they
> do not do so by default.  Apache was probably not compiled with the
> required defines (-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64), so
> that's why it stops at 2gb even though both the kernel and filesystem
> most likely do support larger files.
>>So the question still remains.  What would happen in MySQL when that 
>>file isn't allowed to grow any further?
> Mysql's configure script checks for systems that require special flags
> to access large files, so no mysql binaries should have this problem on
> modern Linux systems (i.e. any 2.4 kernel)

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