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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 10 1999 12:03pm
Subject:documentation suggestion
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>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Friend <larsfrnd@stripped> writes:

Lars>   I have a suggestoin for the documentation (and maybe a little code).
Lars> First, here is some background to my suggestion:

Lars>   I have been trying out MySQL under linux, and it is quite spiffy, and i
Lars> really like the C API.  I wanted to port my client to windows, and i found
Lars> that the documentation only covered doing it through ODBC (which is a
Lars> painfully convoluded way to get at stuff, and requires more code changes
Lars> than the rest of the port altogether).  What i did was i downloaded the
Lars> ODBC driver source, and i happily found that underneath all the odbc stuff
Lars> was just an already ported verson of the API i was using under Linux
Lars> (along with some support libraries).  I compiled all the libraries and did
Lars> a little tinkering with the linking (they replace part of the Visual C
Lars> standard library set) and linked this all into my application, and all was
Lars> well.
Lars>   My suggestion is that it could save many people quite a bit of time if
Lars> the above procedure (possibly cleaned up by somebody who knows how to
Lars> teach users how to do stuff) were included in the documentation, or even
Lars> better if a version of the C library were available seperate of the ODBC
Lars> stuff...

Lars>   Well, thanks for listening,

Lars>      Lars Friend   (larsfrnd@stripped)


You can find a precomiled mysqlclient.lib + include files with MySQL
client distribution.

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