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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 18 1999 10:48pm
Subject:Re: keeping privileges across upgrades
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>>>>> "Tkil" == Tkil  <tkil@stripped> writes:

>>>>> "Sinisa" == sinisa  <sinisa@stripped> writes:
Sinisa> As long as you do not change OS or CPU type, you can simply
Sinisa> copy tables, or leave them where they are and start new
Sinisa> server.

Tkil> oh, ok.  so in this instance, i only had to copy the files from one
Tkil> point to another.

Sinisa> You might however, use mysqldump, reload if you decide to move
Sinisa> to 3.23.xx and use MyISAM tables.

Tkil> hm.  normally, the install/setup routines build the initial grant
Tkil> tables; this causes the CREATE TABLE statements in a "mysqldump mysql" 
Tkil> to complain that the table already exists (not to mention the issues
Tkil> where version changes introduce more fields into the privilege
Tkil> tables).


mysql_install_db checks for old database tables and should not
change them if they already exists!

If you have some other experience;  Please check the mysql_install_db
script and try to figure out why it doesn't work for you!

Anyway, the simple solution is to copy your old tables over the newly
installed ones.  (Just take down mysqld first)

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