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From:Justin Tulloss Date:April 2 2004 10:30pm
Subject:Re: FileMaker Pro compared to MySQL
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I use FileMaker in a server-client configuration. Currently there are 5
clients connecting to one server instance of FileMaker. We have multiple
databases being served, from contacts to truckloads to mileages to costs. We
cover about 40 loads a day and every load has a plethora of information
listed about it. There is, of course, supporting information as well. As for
web factors, there currently aren't any. We are looking into allowing
clients to connect from outside the network, but currently we have 5
employees with copies of FileMaker Pro 6 running on their machines and using
a database being served off one central machine that also runs the active
directory and some accounting functions. I would be more than happy to
provide more information.

Justin Tulloss

> From: Peter Jönsson <frtpj@stripped>
> Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 13:21:33 +0200
> To: Justin Tulloss <justintulloss@stripped>
> Subject: Re: FileMaker Pro compared to MySQL
> Do you work with FM as a sole client, is it a server-client FM setup or
> is it  connected to some web applications (using FM:s internal
> webpublishing, cgi:s etc)?
> Speed depends on a number of factors, could you describe your setup and
> how you use the db today?
> /Peter
> On 2004-04-02, at 01.26, Justin Tulloss wrote:
>> I am currently using FileMaker Pro for a relatively large database and
>> I am
>> wondering how to speed it up. Would MySQL speed things up? Is
>> FileMaker in
>> some way inferior to MySQL? If so, how? Would it be easy to use a
>> FileMaker
>> plugin to access the MySQL database, or should I write a PHP front?
>> Thanks for you help,
>> Justin Tulloss
>> Network Administrator
>> InterChez Logistics Systems, Inc.

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