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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 18 1999 5:45pm
Subject:keeping privileges across upgrades
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>>>>> "Tkil" == Tkil  <tkil@stripped> writes:

Tkil> What's the easiest way to upgrade the mysql server while keeping the
Tkil> same privileges (along with all the other databases).

Tkil> Using 'mysqldump' on the normal databases works well, but trying to
Tkil> use it on the 'mysql' database causes problems, since the structure of 
Tkil> those tables can change between versions, and the tables are generally 
Tkil> created when installing a new version, thus causing errors when you
Tkil> try to make them again by blindly executing the dumped script.

Tkil> (This caused me a fair bit of trouble when I transitioned my redhat
Tkil> 5.1 system with hand-built 'mysql' configuration, to a RH 6.0
Tkil> distribution with the mysql RPMs.)


You don't have to do anything with the old databases;  MySQL can
without problems use all previous formats of all tables and databases
(assuming you are not switching platform).

In other words;  On redhat you can just use cp.

You can then update the privilege tables to the new structure with the 
'mysql_fix_privilege_tables' script when you have your new server

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