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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 10 1999 11:43am
Subject:DBD:mysql = gnashing of teeth: Please help
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>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Stauffer <ebs@stripped> writes:

Eric> Relative mySQL newbie but not totally clueless. Here's the situation. I
Eric> have mySQL up and running on Red Hat Linux. I've got Netscape Enterprise
Eric> Server, perl, and DBI 1.06 installed on a SGI box. Installation went very
Eric> smoothly. Last step of course is to install the mySQL DBD. Here's the way
Eric> things progress:

Eric> smokedog1 4# perl Makefile.PL
Eric> Checking for DBI, 0.93 or later ... ok
Eric> Checking for Data::Dumper ... ok
Eric> Checking for Data::ShowTable ...
Eric> You don't have installed the Data::ShowTable module. You won't be able
Eric> to use 'dbimon' the DBI shell.I'll continue installing the Msql-Mysql
Eric> modules
Eric> anyways so that you can install Data::ShowTable at a later time.

Eric> Missing modules are available from any CPAN mirror, for example


Eric> Which DBMS do you want to use?

Eric>   1) MySQL
Eric>   2) mSQL (1 or 2)
Eric>   3) Both MySQL and mSQL

Eric>   4) mSQL1 and mSQL2
Eric>   5) Everything (MySQL, mSQL1 and mSQL2)

Eric> Enter your choice:  [3] 1

Eric> Do you want to install the MysqlPerl emulation? You might keep your old
Eric> Mysql module (to be distinguished from DBD::mysql!) if you are concerned
Eric> about compatibility to existing applications! [n]
Eric> Which database should I use for testing the Mysql drivers? [test]
Eric> On which host is database test running (hostname,  ip address or
Eric> host:port)
Eric>  [localhost] <IP Address of Linux Box>
Eric> User name for connecting to database test? [undef] <username>
Eric> Password for connecting to database test? [undef] <password>
Eric> Where is your mysql installed? Please tell me the directory that contains
Eric> the subdir include/. [/usr/local]
Eric> Where is your mysql installed? Please tell me the directory that contains
Eric> the subdir lib/. [/usr/local]
Eric> Cannot find one of lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a, lib/libmysqlclient.a,
Eric> client/libmysqlclient.a, lib/mysql/, lib/libmy
Eric>, client/ in /usr/local at Makefile.PL line
Eric> 91, <STDIN> chunk 8.

Eric> My question is: do I need to install mySQL on the SGI box in order to get
Eric> the libs in the correct place for the DBD install? I've copied the tarball
Eric> to a temp directory ( but notice there is no '' in the
Eric> distribution. I've looks about everywhere but can find nothing.

Eric> Any pointers would be GREATLY appreciated.


You need to at least install the MySQL clients on our SGI box.

You can do this with the MySQL source distribution:

./configure --without-server --prefix=/usr/local/mysql

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