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From:Tim Little Date:March 30 2004 8:03pm
Subject:RE: How to get around lack of views?
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Wouldn't some variation on a MERGE table help with this?

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Subject: Re: How to get around lack of views?

On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 03:58:29PM -0500, Michael J. Pawlowsky wrote:
> How would I do this?
> Let say I have an employee table with
> Name  varchar(64)
> Dept  int(11);
> Salary int(11);
> I want to grant select on Salary to a mysql user but only where dept = 1
let's say.
> Normally I would create a view to do something like this.
> But I was wondering if there would be another way around this until
> views are implemented that someone has thought of.

Honestly, if you need views at the db level, MySQL is not for you.

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