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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 10 1999 9:04am
Subject:Re: Full text search?
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>>>>> "Thimble" == Thimble Smith <tim@stripped> writes:

Thimble> On Tue, Apr 06, 1999 at 07:36:05AM -0400, Fraser MacKenzie wrote:
>> About 3 months ago, you were talking about a full text search being
>> implemented into mysql

Thimble> About 1 month ago I asked the same question, and the answer was that
Thimble> development of the full-text searching is dependent on some features
Thimble> in 3.23.  So, once the alpha of 3.23 is available, then other people
Thimble> (i.e., SerG, if he's still around) can start working on the full-
Thimble> text search again.  I don't think anyone has a useful 'expected by'
Thimble> date for the searching stuff.


SerG has got a week ago a alpha version of the new ISAM from 3.23 and is
currently looking at this!

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