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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 18 1999 1:06am
Subject:Re: DELETE not deleting all records.
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>>>>> "Milton" == Milton  <milton@stripped> writes:

Milton> Pardon the lack of info.  The client machine is running mysql.exe or
Milton> mysqlwinadmn.exe.  Either program has the same results.  I run the programs
Milton> on the client machine from the bin directory of the server (attached drive).
Milton> There is only 1 thread (my client) active.  The client and host both runs
Milton> NTws4.sp4 on a local Ntserver4.sp4 TCP/IP network.  I am using mysql in it's
Milton> default state as installed on the server.  I have not encountered any other
Milton> problems (undocumented that is) running these programs.  MyODBC client is
Milton> another story.  After I thoroughly document my problems with msaccess 97
Milton> #deleted rows (diff from the threads I've read) , I will submit it in
Milton> another thread.
Milton> Aloha!
Milton> Milton - milton@stripped


I am not aware of any bug like the DELETE problem in the registered
version of MySQL.  I have once seen this reported for the shareware
version a long time ago, but we never managed to track it down.


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