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From:Chua Choon Keng Date:March 23 2004 6:45pm
Subject:--replicate* question
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Dear all, 

I am new to mysql replication. I know how to use
the --replicate* options but I would like to know
whether the options act as filter on the master or
on the slave...

From the documentation, it says:
"The --replicate-* rules are evaluated as follows
to determine whether a statement will be executed
by the slave or ignored"

This gives me the impression that all update
queries are sent to slave, but if they are not
matched by the rules, they are ignored. In my case,
I am replicating a database with infrequent
updates, but they are many other databases on the
master with frequent updates etc. If my guess is
correct, then I am wasting a lot of bandwidth as my
master & slave are world apart...

Appreciate your kind reply. 

Thanks in advanced.

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